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Make a good impression

Packaging is a crucial part of your business’s branding. It is often times the consumers first impression of you. Before they ever receive your business card or visit your website, they'll see your packaging amongst a sea of similar products. Great packaging can have a tremendous impact on a sale. And when done correctly, your packaging can instantly make a buyer feel confident with their purchase, even before they've tried the product inside. 


CannaSupCo recognizes the immense importance and value that lies in well-designed packaging. Our design team can help you choose which type of packaging is right for your product and create an alluring (and state compliant) appearance that immerses your audience in your brand and makes them feel good about their purchase. 

What is Branding?

Branding is more than just a logo. Your brand is more of a persona. It's the publics' perception of you. Their idea of who you are based on what you do, what you say, and what you look like. Your brand is the visual representation of what you stand for.


Think of your brand as a place. What does that place look and feel like? Is it fun and colorful or is it sleek and innovative? In order to give your audience a cohesive and meaningful brand experience, every aspect of your business needs to reflect that place. Cue CannaSupCo.


We build brands with depth. We aim to engage and inspire your audience rather than pitch a sale or vie for their attention. Our design team will work together with you to handcraft a brand that tells your story and embodies your values, instantly bringing your audience into your world.

What We Offer







Choose from our online inventory of plain packaging and supplies or call us to get more info about packaging options not listed on the site

How It Works


This excludes custom orders

All orders  placed before 5pm EST are sent out that same day! Plus, orders of $250 or more ship for free. Your order will be delivered via UPS in discreet recycled cardboard packaging 






Send us your design. We'll create a mockup and send you an art proof for your final approval before printing. Don't have a design? No problem! Our in house design team can work with you to create something awe-inspiring


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