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Our Child Resistant pop top Bottles are a popular and affordable option for storing and packaging flower or edibles. The secure closure is designed to keep oder and freshness inside while the opaque recyclable medical-grade BPA-free polypropylene plastic keeps light out, maintaining the quality of your product and keeping it discreet. The lid opens promptly when pressure is applied to both sides of the top of the bottle. 


*We offer wholesale discount pricing for larger orders, Contact us to find out how!*


This product has not yet been certified as child resistant.

13 Dram Child-resistant Pop Top Bottles (315/case)

  • Product Specs

    Material Polypropylene Plastic
    Color Black, White, Lime, Turquoise, Blue, Red
    Size & Dimensions 13 Dram, Exterior 1.21" x 2.68"
    Holds 2 grams 
    Qty/Case 315
    Price/Piece $0.10
    Closure Child-resistant Pop Top


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